Saturday, October 08, 2005

No Loca Phone Bill; Unlimited Calls to Asia (China); Voice Mail in emails

I have been a customer of for two months. I enjoy the new VOIP internet phone service. I learned of their service when my friends told me they check my voice mail in their emails.


How?What you get from

  • One – month free. You can use your current phone number. Before your phone number is transferred, they will give you a temporary phone number. You can make calls to China right away after you receive the phone adaptor.
  • About $35.00/month, unlimited calls locals, long distance calls and
  • Unlimted phone calls to China. Think about it, your international call is like your local call now. No phone cards. No 1800. and those pin.
  • You do not need your local phone services anymore. Save your local phone bill (save me $22.50)
  • You can receive phone messages in your emails as an audio attachment. This is the coolest feature I like it.
  • If you want to check your voice mail, it is very convenient. (You do not need answering machine anymore.) From your home phone, call 1111, then your passcode.
  • 911 is available. Some kind of special registration.

 Pay attention

  • Calling cell phones China is not covered. Extra charge is 0.04 per minute (currently).
  • If power is off, or cable modem is off, your phone is dead. So you should always make your cell phone available.
  • You can only have one phone physically connected to the VOIP adaptor. So you have to use the wireless phones ( I have a phone set, with two phones, so I can use phones downstairs and upstairs.).

You get $25 and I get $25, deal?

When you sign up, remember to put my name, Tom Yang and my email address . Using me as referral, and you stay with it for 91 days, we both got $25 credits.



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